Undershirts For Sweaty People

22nd Oct 2013

Here is an email exchange we had with a new RibbedTee customer who was in search of an undershirt that would keep him feeling dry and comfortable:

Hi, I'm interested in an undershirt to wear under a shirt/tie/suit.

I wear 100% cotton undershirts now but the problem is once I sweat a lot, the pit of my undershirt stays wet all day, making me uncomfortable/afraid to put on a jacket.

What undershirt would you recommend?


Our Response:

Thank you for contacting RibbedTee Customer Service and for your interest in our undershirts!

Based on the information you provided below, we'd like to recommend the following:

Retro Fit Undershirts

Our Retro Fit undershirts are very lightweight and made from 50% moisture wicking polyester, and 50% combed cotton.

The lightness of the fabric may help you sweat slightly less and the moisture wicking fibers will dry much faster than cotton-only undershirts.

The polyester content may create a situation where there is more sweat-through to your shirt, though that would be the case with any moisture wicking (synthetic fiber) undershirt.

The 50/50 blend may be a good combination of absorption and quicker drying.

7-Day Antiperspirant

If you have not considered it in the past, we are aware of some 7-day antiperspirants such as Kleinert's Dry Body Wipes and SweatBlock.

These stronger antiperspirants may be applied to the underarm area, and may help you sweat less in the underarm area.

Other Undershirts

If you do not find a solution with our Retro Fit undershirts, you may want to consider trying out the undershirts from either Thompson Tee or Kleinerts that are designed with special sweat barriers in the underarm area.

Both companies also make their undershirts in the United States.

We hope you have found the above information helpful.

Please do let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

Kyle's Reply

Kyle purchased our Retro Fit undershirts. After a short-while of testing, he emailed us back!


Up to now I've been wearing 100% cotton undershirts under my shirt/suit jacket.

Cotton is supposed to be good because when you sweat, it absorbs the sweat, preventing it from reaching your shirt/jacket.

That's great, but my problem was that whenever I happened to sweat, the soaked up sweat wouldn't evaporate but just kinda linger there.

Not a good feeling.

So, after reading up on undershirts, I purchased your RibbedTee Retro Fit undershirts, which are 50/50 cotton/polyester.

With fall having just arrived here in Japan, I decided to give it a try for the first time Friday.

And let me tell you: I didn't sweat.

Before, no matter how cool it was, I'd always sweat at some point. But with your shirt, no sweat.

Okay, there might've been a tad of sweat at some point, but I guess it evaporated due to the 50% polyester, I'm guessing.

Oh, and once it's tucked in, it stays tucked in.

Anyway, in summary, your RibbedTee undershirt is amazing.

Thank you for putting so much thought and efforts into your undershirts.

You have a new fan in Japan.

Best regards,