Top 5 Reasons To Wear An Undershirt (Video)

9th Oct 2014

Style guru Aaron Marino from Alpha M. shares the top 5 reasons to wear an undershirt.

His favorite undershirt -- RibbedTee!

Which undershirt is Aaron wearing in this video?

Our CoolWear Supima V-Neck Undershirt.

Video Transcript

5 Undershirt Wearing Tips | How to ROCK an Undershirt

Hello, I'm Aaron Marino from Alpha M. And today's video falls under the category of "I have said some dumbass things about undershirts.

But I have seen the lights or at least the need." And so, today, I am here to right a wrong.

The wrong in question was a video I shot three to four years ago where I made the bold statement that undershirts sucked and should be avoided at all costs.

This was not only an ignorant statement; this was dumb because I realized something in the past three years that not everybody shares my quido chic love of showing skin down to their navel.

The truth is that there are some very practical and, dare I say, important reasons why you actually should wear an undershirt.

But this video isn't about simply how to wear an undershirt, this video is about how to rock one!

How To Rock An Undershirt

All right, I'm just going to get started by saying that we're all entitled to make mistakes.

Unfortunately, for me, my mistakes are chronicled in video format, put out for the world to see. So when I want a do-over, I got to do another video.

This happens to be one of those times, because I've come to realize something in the past three to four years, is that there are 5 very specific reasons why somebody may want to, and actually should, wear an undershirt.

#1 – Nipples

Reason #1, nipples. As in you don't want yours to show.

Light color, lightweight fabrics have a tendency to be a little bit more sheer, translucent even. And you may have the most gorgeous areolas in the world but letting other people see them, not super cool.

Or, maybe your nipples are a little more perky―they poke out a little bit; and maybe they poke out a little bit hard and you're a little self-conscious about that.

Or maybe you have what we in the industry call "man boobs." All right? You got man boobs and you're like, "Yo, I'm self-conscious about this…” Undershirt (as in wear one).

#2 - Sweat Rings

Reason #2, sweat rings.

Undershirts can help reduce these raunchy rings by absorbing the sweat before it actually hits your shirt. They're actually acting like your style wingman.

Your body's like, "Yo, I'm hot, I'm nervous." You're getting ready for this presentation, "I'm sweating buckets," and your undershirt's like, "Yo, Bro, I got you. I’ll handle this, you worry about the presentation."

#3 – Warmth

Reason #3 three, warmth.

It may be winter, you may live in a cold environment. Undershirts layering helps you stay warmer.

#4 – Protection

Reason # 4, protection.

Undershirts protect your super sexy sassy shirts from getting stained. Whether or not it's deodorant stains, yellow pits, or just the essential oils that are seeping out of your sexy body.

Yeah, they're going to stain, they're going to discolor. All right?

Undershirts help prevent that from happening.

#5 – Comfort

And reason number five is comfort. You just like the feel of an undershirt.

Why Undershirts May Pose A Problem

So those are five great reasons to why you would want to wear an undershirt; but as a stylish and image-conscious man, there are really two reasons why undershirts pose a bit of a problem.


Undershirt issue number one is visibility. First and foremost, visibility.

All right? You don't want anything breaking up that clean, sexy look and line that you have created.

An undershirt peeking out tends to do that.

Extra Fabric

The second issue is extra fabric. Having a baggy shirt underneath your shirt is going to definitely throw off the contour and lines of your body.

These are two very real issues, and the undershirts that I was familiar with, Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, they're big, they're baggy, they're boxy, they show underneath -- are still something to be rebelled against.

After extensive research, testing, and wearing I have come to the conclusion that not all undershirts were created equal.

So here's what happened.

After I did that video, every week, I would get probably 5 to 10 emails from guys―you, guys, talking about "I need to wear an undershirt for this reason," "-- for that reason." And I came up with those five essential reasons why you would want to wear an undershirt.

So, once I figured out that this was indeed something that needed to be addressed, I went on an undershirt Odyssey.

I started trying to find and buy every undershirt I could get my grubby little Alpha M. paws on.

I have tried super cheap undershirts. I've tried super expensive undershirts -- as in like $75. There's something wrong when your undershirt costs more than the shirt you're actually wearing on top of it.

But the deal is I've tried a bunch.

The brand that I like the best is from a company called RibbedTee because of the three Fs: Fit, Feel, and Function.


The first F is for Fit.

All right. When looking for an undershirt, you need one that fits you like a glove. It needs to be snug, all right? Not a lot of extra fabric. It needs the contour to your body.

Another aspect of fit, that undershirt needs to be long enough. Look, how long this bad boy is? All right? You tuck it in, it's staying in all day long.


The second F is for feel. The undershirt needs to feel great against your skin.

These RibbedTees are made of Suprema, Supima, I don't even know how to pronounce it. The fact is, it feels great against my nipples.


And the third F is for function. What does this undershirt need to do?

Does it need to just keep you dry, you're wearing a shirt and tie? Go with the crewneck.

Me, I need that undershirt to not be visible when I'm wearing a collared shirt like this. And v-neck undershirts…finding a good one that you actually can't see is next to impossible.

This is the best one that I found.

Some are deep enough, but then, you can see them on the sides, this one, honestly, is totally undetectable. And it's not like you're moving and all of a sudden, you say, Uh-uh." You can't see it at all.

Undershirt Color

Now, let's talk about undershirt color.

In order to have the best chance of wearing something that is undetectable, like we're talking underwear stealth-action, you want to go with something that is complementary to the tone of the shirt you're wearing.

So three colors of undershirts: You've got white, you've got, black; you've got grey.

Now, if you are in a light shirt, go white. If you go in a medium shade shirt, go grey. If you're going dark, go black.

Undershirts Rock!

But, if they're showing, if they're baggy, if they're bulky, then they still suck.

So you're wearing an undershirt or are you rocking in undershirt?

To rock it, you need to pay attention to the three Fs: fit, feel, and function.

For me, the best in the market, RibbedTee. This v-neck, undetectable.

Guys, undershirts are great. Like I said….not on the old video, in this video.

They are functional, they are not fashionable―not fashionable, practical.

They serve five very specific functions, but now, you know how to rock one, if you're going to wear one.