RibbedTee Customer Teaches in Comfort

25th Feb 2015

Here's a Customer Spotlight from one of our customers who has to keep replacing his disappearing MicroModal Undershirts:

"I like clothes that are versatile but that look good: that’s why I have a stack of ribbedtee MicroModal shirts in my closet.

I can wear them with a blazer and take off the blazer when I get too warm—as often happens while teaching—or wear them to the gym. They work under shirts.

They feel great. My girlfriend steals them, which might be the ultimate endorsement.

These shirts will work for guys of any shape, but will shine on guys who are in shape." - Jake

“Jake Seliger writes “The Story’s Story” at http://jakseliger.com/ and contributes to "Grant Writing Confidential” at http://blog.seliger.com/