Fast Drying Underwear & Undershirts for Travel

8th Jan 2019

Here's a question from a Customer who was in search of quick drying underwear & undershirts for travel:


I am looking for a t-shirt that will travel well.

My husband and I travel a lot and he wants a t-shirt that he can wash out and DRIES QUICKLY.

We have bought silk but they are back-ordered and are much too expensive.

How quickly will your under shirts dry when hung?


Quick Drying Underwear & Undershirts for Travel

Hi Judith,

Thank you for contacting RibbedTee Customer Service and for your interest in our products!

If you are in search of underclothing (undershirts & underwear) that travel well & dry quickly for your husband, you've come to the right place :)

Generally speaking, there are 4 characteristics that determine how fast a garment (or fabric) will dry.

They are:

  1. Fabric blend
  2. Fabric weight (density & thickness)
  3. Any yarn or fabric treatments that may have been applied
  4. Fabric weave

Even stating the above, it is possible for fabrics to dry at different speeds, even if they have very similar traits across all 4 characteristics above.

The good news is that we offer our items in a variety of weights and blends, including those that dry more quickly than others.

Our fastest drying undershirts are our Retro Fit undershirts. They are very lightweight, and are made from yarn blends that dry quickly and feel great on the skin.

Depending on the room & humidity conditions, our Retro Fit undershirts will normally dry fully within 2-3 hours when hung to dry.

Our G3 Boxer Briefs are made from our moisture wicking CoolNylon fabric, and they will also normally dry fully within 2-3 hours.

With both items above, if washed in the evening and hung to dry in a room-temperature average humidity environment, our Retro Fit undershirts and our G3 Boxer Briefs will be fully dry before the morning.

Of course, as could be assumed, a pro-tip to accelerating the drying process even faster is to initiate the drying process using a hair dryer on the hot setting for a few minutes, if one is available.

Knowing the above, your husband could easily travel with 2 of our Retro Fit undershirts & 2 pairs of our G3 boxer briefs, washing one set each evening, and be set for any length of trip you may on!

We hope you find the above information helpful.

Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.