Deep V-Neck Undershirts Alternative?

17th May 2019

Here's an email we received from a customer who was curious if we have a shallower v-neck alternative to our EVO TENCEL Deep V-Neck Undershirts.

EVO TENCEL Deep V-Neck UndershirtI received a Medium EVO TENCEL Deep V-Neck undershirt in Gray.

The undershirt fits very nicely, and I like the fabric a lot, but the deep v-neck isn't for me.

I'm requesting an exchange for a Medium EVO TENCEL Gray crew neck undershirt.

I will surely buy a few more shirts in the future.

Additionally, I want to ask what undershirt is close to the EVO TENCEL feel and fit, but with a regular v-neck.

Thanks! Eric

Deep V-Neck Undershirts Alternative

Hi Eric,

Thank you once again for contacting us!

At this time we do not have any undershirts that have the same type of fabric/feel as the EVO TENCEL deep v-neck undershirts in a shallower, or regular v-neck.

But, here is some information about two other undershirts that may interest you:

Execwear CoolNylon G2 V-Neck Undershirts

Our Execwear CoolNylon G2 v-neck undershirts have a close body fit like our EVO TENCEL undershirts, yet have a v-neck that is not as deep as our deep v-neck undershirts.

The fabric feels a bit more like a slick/smooth version of silk, so it's not as cottony/natural feeling as EVO.

The fabric is slightly heavier, but it does feel cool on the skin due the the CoolNylon fabric.

MicroModal/Supima V-Neck Undershirts

Our MicroModal/Supima v-neck undershirts also have a close body fit.

The fabric will relax out slightly during daily wear, and wash back down to shape/size after laundering & drying.

This item is the heaviest of our collection, so it will likely wear (feel) somewhat warmer than our EVO TENCEL undershirts.

This undershirt does have a standard v-neck depth as well, so it is less deep than our EVO TENCEL undershirts.

EVO TENCEL - Regular V-Neck Undershirt

While we don't have any immediate plans for an EVO TENCEL undershirt in a regular v-neck depth option, we will certainly share this request with our product team for future review and consideration.

If you'd like information on other deep v-neck undershirts, please be sure to checkout the undershirt resource site

Please do let us know if we can be of any further assistance.