Best Men’s Underwear for Love Handles [2024]

29th Jan 2024

While we all wish we were in tip-top shape, sometimes you gotta make do with what you’ve got. If disguising love handles is an issue you deal with on the regular, you may wonder: Is there men's underwear for love handles?

Why do love handles pose a problem for men, anyway? That extra roll around your midsection can cause underwear to slouch down or ride up, making you feel uncomfortable and awkward all day.

When underwear rolls down, it’s likely too small, whereas underwear that creeps up can be too big or the wrong style. So you need to find underwear resistant to rolling down or creeping up – a fit that stays put throughout your day.

Check out our list of the best men's underwear to hide love handles.


We may be biased, but our G3 Boxer Briefs are pretty awesome. In a nutshell, their body-friendly CoolNylon stretch fabric wicks and absorbs moisture and odor, keeping you comfortable all day long.

  • Low-profile, anti-roll hidden waistband beats love handles
  • X3Pouch™provides a three-dimensional chamber that gives the boys room and support
  • Wedgie-free, no-bunch fit
  • $32 each


Wanna stay comfy while traveling? Jetsetter Boxer Briefs promise to prevent ball crush with a Zero-G™pouch that supports the boys while providing ample space.

  • Waistband hugs without chafing, rolling or feeling tight
  • MicroModal® fabric gives you room without bagging
  • Anti-odor properties prevent bacteria build-up
  • $30 each


Who said compression wear is only for women? CoreWeb designed CoreMax Boxer – revolutionary compression boxers that completely hide your love handles, giving you a slimmer look!

  • Money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied
  • Bit pricey, but you can save with packs
  • Improve your posture
  • $69 each


Tommy John Men's Underwear is an established name in men’s (and women’s) undergarments, and for a good reason. Their underwear lines include t-shirts, underwear and socks that keep men comfortable, cool and happy.

  • Stay-Put waistband
  • Quick Draw® fly provides easy access when necessary
  • Inner pouch gives extra separation and support
  • $34 each


Mack Weldon’s 18-hour AIRKNITx Men's Boxer Briefs breathable performance underwear features enhanced moisture wicking that keeps you feeling fresh while looking trim.

  • No-roll waistband
  • Supportive, flyless pouch
  • Stay-put legs avoid bunching
  • $32 each


Rhone’s breathable, Rhone everyday men's boxer briefs offer 24/7 comfort and flexibility with built-in odor-fighting tech.

  • No-roll waistband stays snug without rolling over
  • Comfort pouch offers additional space
  • Tagless for maximum comfort
  • $28 each

How to Hide Love Handles: DOs and DON’Ts

So besides wearing the right underwear, what can you do to hide your love handles?

DO Wear Looser-Fitting Shirts

Wearing tight shirts will only emphasize your love handles. Shirts that skim over – rather than cling to – your body will give you just a bit of camouflage where you need it. 

Make sure the shirt is the right size. Wearing too-large shirts for this reason often make you look bigger than you are, defeating the purpose.

DO Watch Your Posture!

Walking around looking like a half-shut knife will only emphasize your gut and make it more prominent over time. Plus, standing up straight makes you look taller and more confident. Practice standing and walking with your core activated and your shoulder blades pulled back.

DO Try Compression Undergarments

Shapewear isn’t just for the ladies. Compression undershirts help smooth out lumps and bumps, making you look trimmer.

DON’T Wear Your Shirts Tucked

Tucking in your shirt will only emphasize a puffy midsection. If you must tuck your shirt in for work or a special occasion, try wearing a blazer or jacket to de-emphasize your middle.

DON’T Wear Loud Colors or Patterns

When in doubt, go neutral. Bright colors and patterns tend to emphasize and draw attention to your shape.

Regain Your Confidence With RibbedTee’s G3 Boxer Briefs

Looking your best builds confidence. But wearing underwear that’s pinching, pulling or bunching up under (or over) your love handles keeps you from performing and feeling your best. That’s why we recommend starting with a good foundation.

RibbedTee’s G3 Boxer Briefs make you forget you’re wearing underwear – they’re just that comfortable. While going commando isn’t always appropriate, having a commando mentality could make all the difference between seizing the day and sitting on the sidelines.

So stop worrying about your love handles and get out there in a pair of G3s. Your boys will thank you for it.