A RibbedTee Undershirt Takes A Trip Around the World (Review)

4th Aug 2014

One of our StyleCon 2014 participants took his new Retro Fit 50/50 Undershirt with him on his European trip, as well as to the hot and humid climate of Southern Texas, and put it to the test.

Here's what he had to say about it:

Good Morning RibbedTee Owner,

My name is David Garcia and we met at the “Real Men Real Style” meet up on Sunday June 29, 2014 in Anaheim. Thank you for the undershirt and as promised I am going to provide you with a review based on my travels and your product.

Two days after the meet up I left to Spain wearing the ribbed-Tee V-Neck under a polo and 5.11 travel vest. The travel was long with various shifts in time, locations, airplanes, and trains. The hustle of airports, crowds of people, and lack of personal space makes for a heated commute. To my satisfaction I never felt like my underarms had an offensive odor or that my polo was damp from sweat. I wore the shirt for nearly 36 hours before taking it off to shower. I did not see and discoloration such as the yellow “pit stains” that most undershirts have after getting soaked and drying.

I decided that I wanted to wear the shirt during my walk around Seville, Spain and hand washed the shirt in the hotel room. During my nap from the travel the shirt was dry and ready for my walk. I enjoyed an array of tapas and wines in a clean shirt without feeling uncomfortable. No stains or lingering odors from the hotel soap, my deodorant, or human scent. This routine lasted two more days.

The next location to mention is Tangiers, Morocco. The location’s temperatures are mildly controlled since it is coastal like Southern California and Barcelona but walking around the Medina consists of tight streets and encounters that provide a total loss of personal space. The smells of fresh herbs, heat from bakeries, and fresh cut meats engulf the senses and may linger but I felt confident that I did not offend with my own stains or smells. The RibbedTee kept “me” in and allowed for the sensory overload of a new culture.

After my arrival back to the United States I went for a job interview and decided to wear my RibbedTee. Needless to say I was very comfortable as comfort is the key for any undershirt. No evidence of a travel weary shirt known under my suit. I am highly satisfied.

Finally I decided to take the RibbedTee to Southern Texas and see how the shirt holds up to a dry desert heat. I gave the shirt a challenge as the temperatures reach over 100° by 11am in July. I was soaked from walking the ranch and once I arrived in the house took off the shirt and tossed it in the corner of my room. To my surprise it was dried and not offensive to smell the next day. I washed it in salt water (as the only pipe water is salt from a well) and the shirt is still in good order. This was the only time when the shirt was very wet from sweat that it my body could be seen through the material.

I plan to wear it again today for another job interview. The only smell that is captured is from my leather suitcase from Morocco but that suitcase leaves a small odor on all my clothes, a bit manly but not offensive.


Great shirt that does not stain and dries fast; light and comfortable. The shirt is durable. I wore it during a travel that lasted over 24 hours, urban and rural environments, job interviews, and casual settings. I highly recommend the shirt.

My only cons are personal opinions. The “V” was too deep for me although I understand that V-necks are for open collars but I like a higher “V”. The cut is too long as well. If I decided that I do not want to tuck my shirt in the material is too long for a casual look.

I do plan to order a standard size in large once I get a new job. Thanks for the free one and have a great day.

David A. Garcia