Why So Many Different Undershirt Fabric Options?

16th Apr 2019

If you're curious why we have so many different fabric options for our undershirts, you're in luck.

This customer had the exact same question:

Why do you make three different material undershirts: CoolWear Supima, MicroModal, & Execwear CoolNylon?

Why would one buy one type over the other?

Also do you have a Canadian website?

- David

Different Fabrics. Different Experience.

Hello David,

Thank you once again for your interest in our products!

We actually offer our undershirts in 6 different fabric options. You can see them listed here in our Product Matrix.

The main differences between our fabrics are based on weight, fit, moisture management, and other fabric & silhouette characteristics.

It allows our Customers to pick the undershirt that most closely matches their particular need.

For example, if someone sweats quite a bit, they may be looking for an undershirt with more moisture management (less sweat-through) properties. Our EVO TENCEL undershirts and Execwear CoolNylon undershirts would be a good option there.

Alternatively, someone may be looking for a very lightweight undershirt that has a slightly relaxed fit. In that case, we recommend our Retro Fit undershirts.

Looking for a lightweight, but fitted undershirt? Check out our EVO TENCEL Undershirts.

Interested in a regular weight fitted undershirt that'll keep you more comfortable than traditional value-priced undershirts, our CoolWear Supima undershirts would be an excellent choice there.

Or if you want to go even more luxurious, but still want a slightly more substantial undershirt, then go with our MicroModal/Supima undershirts.

More Choice. Less Settling.

As you see, our undershirt selection has been created to offer our Customers more choice, and less settling.

We do not have a Canadian website at this time, however, we do ship to Canada via USPS, which get delivered in Canada via Canada Post.

Please do let us know if we can be of any further assistance.


RibbedTee Customer Service