Which Undershirt Will Keep Me Cooler: CoolWear or EVO TENCEL?

7th Feb 2019

This Customer was curious about which undershirt would keep him cooler in a hot/humid climate.


I'm going to Vietnam for two weeks.

Are the supima shirts noticeable cooler than the tencel when worn under a shirt?

And can you have them to me at the east coast by next Thurdsay latest?



Undershirts That Keep You Cool

Hi Richard,

Thank you once again for contacting us!

Our coolest undershirts are Retro Fit Tri-Blend, Retro Fit 50/50, and EVO TENCEL.

From there, our G2 Execwear CoolNylon & CoolWear Supima would be the next coolest full undershirts.

From a moisture absorption/management perspective, we'd rate the undershirts as follows (best/most to least):

  2. G2 Execwear CoolNylon
  3. CoolWear Supima
  4. Retro Fit

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