What's The Softest, Most Comfortable Undershirt Material You Have?

5th Nov 2015

A RibbedTee customer asked us for pointers on our most comfortable undershirts & t-shirts.

His question:

What is the softest, most comfortable material you have? Is it the Supima or MicroModal?

Here's our response :)

Hello Bruce,

Thank you for contacting RibbedTee Customer Service and for your interest in our undershirts!

Between our CoolWear Supima and MicroModal/Supima fabrics, you'll find the MicroModal/Supima fabric much, much softer.

If you're looking for an undershirt that is super-lightweight and soft, we'd recommend our Retro Fit undershirt line :)

Otherwise, you'll find our MicroModal undershirts a wonderful medium-weight undershirt option!

Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

EVO - A New Uber-Soft Addition!

Bruce emailed before we had released our EVO TENCEL Undershirts.

Our EVOs are the ultimate in softness. Softer thank silk and cooler to wear than linen, you won't find anything more pleasing to wear as your daily-wear base layer.