Wearing Undershirts More Than Once. Should You Do It or Not?

9th Nov 2019

Great question from a prospective Customer curious as to whether or not it's ok to wear an undershirt more than once between launderings.


First time buyer here looking to take advantage of that FIRST20 discount.

I have read your blog carefully and after thinking about my use cases, it seems that the light grey EVO TENCEL V-neck undershirt is best for me given that I often ride my bike to work and thus sweat.

How Many Undershirts Should I Buy?

My question is really about how many undershirts to buy. I am deciding between five and ten.

Obviously ten undershirts at $32 each is a sizable upfront investment even after a $64 discount (20% off), but as someone who likes to optimize for the long term, it seems reasonable to me.

However, I have never really worn undershirts before and so I don't know what the proper etiquette is.

Is the ideal practice to wear an undershirt once before laundry?

It also seems like having 10 will allow me to go longer before needing to do laundry - up to 2 weeks really, which is great for saving water and electricity.

On the other hand if an undershirt can be worn twice, if I bought five then I could simply wear each one again the following week after the first five days.

Overall, I would like to get your recommendation on the matter.

Thank you. Cheers.


Should You Wear Undershirts More Than Once?

Hi Kam,

Thank you for contacting RibbedTee Customer Service and for your interest in our products!

Our EVO TENCEL undershirt is a great choice. We're sure you'll be happy with that item :)

It is generally considered a best practice and most hygienic to wear an undershirt only one time.

However, we have heard from some Customers that they do wear them more than one time before laundering.

Many of our undershirts, including our EVO TENCEL undershirts, have anti-microbial & anti-odor characteristics. As such, they are not prone to collect bacteria as quickly as a polyester undershirt would.

It is worth noting, if you have more undershirts, you can go longer between replacing them since each undershirt is used and washed less frequently.

Of course, there is another alternative.

Since most of our undershirts are very lightweight, they dry faster than many other undershirts.

This is especially the case with our EVO TENCEL undershirts. You can learn more about them here.

EVO TENCEL Light Grey Deep V-Neck Undershirt